Greenpeace protesters target Whitechapel KFC

Greenpeace protesters targeted a KFC restaurant in Whitechapel last week, claiming that they are using paper products sourced from Indonesian rainforests to package their food.

The environmental group say that as much as 50% of some KFC boxes are made from Indonesian wood, which they claim is being supplied by the Asia Pulp and Paper (APP) company.

The protest outside KFC in Whitechapel High Street, was part of Greenpeace’s “How KFC is junking the jungle” campaign, which claimed their research shows that of 13 boxes of KFC bought at a variety of stores, 10 contained rainforest fibre.

Greenpeace spokesman Robin Oakley said: “Each year millions of families in the UK enjoy Kentucky Fried Chicken yet many will be shocked to learn that the packaging they take their food home in comes from destroying the rainforests of Indonesia.

“The irony is that KFC UK claims to have a very clear policy on sourcing paper from sustainable sources yet sadly their promise doesn’t seem to be worth the very unethical paper it’s been written on.”

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