Greenpeace’s Rainbow Warrior ship on view in Canary Wharf

The first was blown up and the second is now a hospital ship but Greenpeace’s third Rainbow Warrior ship is on view in Canary Wharf until Sunday.

The environmental group has used two previous versions of the vessel to wage high-profile campaigns across the globe. Now it has built a Rainbow Warrior for the first time.

The 838 tonne, 60 metre ship arrived in the South Dock on Tuesday after its maiden voyage from Amsterdam.

Thousands of visitors are set to board the ship during its east London stay.

John Sauven, the executive director of Greenpeace, said: “Just over three decades ago the first Rainbow Warrior was launched from the River Thames.

“The new Rainbow Warrior will be vital in supporting the millions of people around the world committed to environmental protection and social justice.”

The ship has a helicopter landing pad, satellite communication systems and uses heat from its engines to heat water and the cabins.

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The two previous Rainbow Warriors were refitted from existing ships.

The first, launched in 1978, was a converted British fishing trawler.

It was blown up by French special forces in New Zealand in 1985 as campaigners tried to stop French H-bomb tests.

The second was retired in August and donated to a Bangladeshi organisation.

In its history, the ship has been used in campaigns against commercial whaling, deforestation in the Amazon and the dumping of hazardous chemicals in the sea.

The ship is open to the public on Saturday and Sunday from 10am to 4pm.

To register in advance for a tour visit