Hackney Wick arts venue launches fundraising drive

A performance art space in Hackney Wick which has nurtured more than 200 artists is launching a fundraising drive to ensure it can continue offering art to the public for free.

The ]performance s p a c e[ [sic] venue is run by artists, and incorporates studios as well as events spaces to develop talent, at no public cost.

But the people behind the project fear that its model is no longer sustainable, and are appealing for people to contribute to keep the project free.

The venue’s creative directors Bean and Benjamin Sebastian said: “We are proud to be part of this area and its creative legacy that will be read about in years to come.

“However, like many creative areas before us, the focus is now changing and we are having to rethink how we move forward to continue.”

Anyone wishing to contribute to the venue can do so http://saveps.tumblr.com.