Half families in East End council housing don’t think estates have improved

Half the families living in local authority housing in London’s deprived East End think their estates have not improved in the last three years.

That’s the result of a poll for Tower Hamlets Homes, the council’s housing wing, which found only 51 per cent believing things have got better, according to figures issued this week.

But 57 per cent felt the housing organisation was dealing with anti-social behaviour in the survey carried out by independent assessors from Kwest in November.

Housing chief Gavin Cansfield said: “We still need to improve some areas, but this shows we’re in the right direction.”

A sample of 1,345 households found 74 per cent okay with cleaning, 69 per cent with repairs and maintenance and 79 per cent with grounds maintenance, while 68 per cent were said to be satisfied with rent—but only 62 per cent with service charge.

Overall satisfaction was put at 77 per cent, a five per cent improvement on a similar survey in 2011.