Hard core’? Swan Housing is name-calling to marginalise us

Dear Ed, WE WERE saddened to read of Swan Housing’s name calling, trying to marginalise the concerns of a majority of Exmouth Estate leaseholders in Stepney as “hardcore leaseholders.” Nothing could be further than the truth. We have signed mandates to represent all our members

Dear Ed,

WE WERE saddened to read of Swan Housing’s name calling, trying to marginalise the concerns of a majority of Stepney’s Exmouth Estate residents as “hardcore leaseholders” (East London Advertiser website letters, March 30).

Nothing could be further than the truth. The Exmouth Leaseholders Group has signed mandates to represent all our members.

More than 400 residents in 350 households have signed a petition against Swan’s proposal to build on the green spaces. Of those, 65 per cent are tenants. Only 37 households refused to sign—mostly Residents Board members.

The Board, for some reason the only residents’ group recognised by Swan Housing, has no signed mandates. Its constitution states that “if you live on the Exmouth Estate you are automatically a member and we represent you.” This is patently undemocratic.

Swan Housing has claimed that if development proceeds (on the green spaces) “money will flow to the estate.”

How much money? Where is the contract?

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Swan Housing’s claims are false as there is no contract. There will be no money for the estate.

We would all benefit if Swan Housing refrained from senseless name calling and start answering questions.

I challenge Akin Durowoju (Swan Housing Group, Billericay, Essex) to come down to Stepney personally and we will count the number of trees together in the presence of an East London Advertiser reporter to see who is at error.

The blighted green spaces which he claims “is hardly a green space” is a being used by Swan contractors as a car park without a current planning permit.

Their temporary permit (LBTH ref: PA/07/01671) valid for 12 months lapsed in September.

Swan blights this green space by allowing contractors to use it—hardly surprising as Swan was forced to tear a building down in Bow which they did not have planning consent for.

Swan has no right to build on these spaces. If anyone’s letter is misleading’ it is Durowoju’s.

Our problem is if we have a differing opinion contrary to Swan’s commercial plans, it’s labeled misinformation.’

It is easy for an enormous commercial company like Swan with its glitzy media machine to crush and tarnish the reputation of people it considers unworthy of consulting.

I thank the East London Advertiser for the opportunity to answer back to the their unfounded allegations.

Dave Coker

Elected Spokesperson

Exmouth Leaseholders Group

Exmouth Estate, Commercial Road, Stepney

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