Hay! Romanians draw straws for 2012 art at Tower Hill and Victoria Park

Sculptures made of hay have been installed at Victoria Park in east London as part of the Olympics cultural festival.

But the artists have drawn the short straw because their sculptures won’t last for ever in the British weather, of course.

They’re temporary attractions promoting Romanian art and culture until September when the London 2012 Games are over.

Two have been erected at the West Lake, ‘Bird’ and ‘Skyscraper’. A third has appeared of a life-size interactive jigsaw puzzle by artist Miruna Amza and architect Liviu Zagan in the park’s BT Live site where curious visitors can ‘solve’ the puzzle by revolving the four-sided squares to reveal sporting scenes.

Youngsters, meanwhile, have also been enjoying three urban furniture benches made of wood called ‘Cultural Stations’ put up in Trinity Square Gardens, at Tower Hill, celebrating London’s many nationalities.

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The benches along with the hay sculptures have been created by the Romanian Cultural Institute in collaboration with Tower Hamlets Council as part of the R’Olympics programme of 17 events and installations across London this summer, representing art, architecture, poetry, theatre, film, dance, music and literature.

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