�2m Legacy pledge for annual Paralympic sports fest after 2012

An annual festival of disability sport is being planned in the Olympic Park as a legacy of the 2012 Games.

It will showcase the best in wheelchair rugby and basketball and Goalball as well as swimming.

Festival plans also include training with clubs in the neighbouring areas, such as an all-ability cycling club working with Bethnal Green’s Bikeworks using specially-adapted machines for youngsters with physical and learning difficulties.

The London Legacy Development Corporation has pledged �2 million towards a programme to make sporting venues more accessible. It includes a pool lift at the Aquatics centre to help disabled and older people use the pool.

The programme also aims to create accessible homes and public spaces as well as help the disabled get jobs in the park.

International Paralympics Chief Executive Xavier Gonzalez said: “Commitments like these give me confidence that London continues leading the way with an accessible legacy from the Games, unique among host cities.”

The park itself will have simpler design criteria such as gentle gradients, wider paths and aisles, tactile pavements and surfaces and more accessible entrances at venues, all integrated into surrounding areas of east London with new roads, cycle and foot paths, bridges and parks.