Bags of rubbish uncollected in Limehouse prompt angry letter from resident

Rubbish in Tidey Street, Bow

Rubbish in Tidey Street, Bow - Credit: Archant

Piles of rubbish bags left uncollected in Limehouse has driven a resident to write to the council to complain.

Paul Howick of Newell Street wrote to mayor Lutfur Rahman on behalf of fellow residents after weeks of rubbish collection days passed without the bags being removed.

In his letter, Mr Howick said this was “an intermittent but recurring problem”.

He wrote: “For weeks now the residents of Newell Street have had to endure a failure of that most basic of council services, the collection of rubbish.

“The bags are piled high ready for their Friday collection, but simply remain uncollected.

“Despite the soothing words and promises of action from your complaints department, the problem remains.”

Mr Howick added: “Those who serve you (rather than us, it seems) are very good, we notice, in ensuring that your personal image hangs from every lamp post and building site hoarding.

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“Perhaps if some of that zeal were instead devoted to delivering basic services we might be better pleased.”

Copies of the letter were sent to Cllr Craig Aston, Mr Howick’s local councillor, and Jim Fitzpatrick, MP for Limehouse.

Mr Fitzpatrick said: “The mayor needs to get a grip on the borough’s rubbish crisis now.

“Under his watch it’s become clear the council is failing on one of its most basic functions and people aren’t getting the service they pay for.

“I strongly encourage residents who are experiencing problems to get in touch with me directly.”

A spokesman for Tower Hamlets Council said: “We regard missed bin collections as an extremely serious matter, and impose fines when the contractor fails to meet its obligations.”

“The council has looked into the complaint and will continue to monitor the situation closely.”