Boris and Bab’s Big Lunch bash on the Southbank—getting ready for Royal Jubilee

Boris Johnson and his ‘street party’ ambassador’ Barbara Windsor mixed the old and the new today when they joined the Big Lunch festivities at the Southbank—on the site of the 1951 Festival of Britain.

They sat in the newly-created gardens on the roof of the Queen Elizabeth Hall for a street party with families from nearby Lambeth and Waterloo and some of the garden’s creators who have been inspired by the 60th anniversary of the post-war festival that was originally staged on the Southbank.

“London has a rich history of communities coming together to create a neighbourly society,” said the Mayor.

“Street parties have had an important role in this.

“Now there are plans for a Big Lunch to mark the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee next February.”

Boris wants people to sign up to become local ‘champions’ to “put the village back into the city.”

He has already recruited one-time soap queen Babs from EastEnders as his ‘street party ambassador.’

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She recalled: “I have fabulous memories of growing up in London and the street parties we got involved in. They were the atmosphere for local communities to come together and neighbours to get to know one another.”

Next February marks the 60th anniversary of the Queen ascending the throne in 1952. But the Big Jubilee Sunday Lunch itself is set for June 3—a day after the 59th anniversary of her Coronation in 1953.