Canary Wharf ‘miracle’ Google birth mum returns to thank security team

A young mum who gave birth in the middle of Canary Wharf’s busy shopping complex returned to thank security staff who delivered her baby – with the help of Google.

Daphne Bolus and her husband came back on Friday to meet the security team who made sure little Matthew John arrived in the world safe and sound.

The couple also met staff from Waitrose who had rushed out to help.

Daphne suddenly went into labour in the middle of Canada Place, outside the store.

An ambulance was called—but was held up in evening rush-hour traffic.

So the security team began without them, with hospital medics giving advice over the phone.

One security guard went onto Google on his iPod looking up websites to find out how to deliver a baby.

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School-teacher Daphne, 29, had earlier walked into the Royal London Hospital in Whitechapel with her church pastor husband, with the impending arrival of their second child.

“We were told she hadn’t dilated enough,” The Rev Tim Bolus, 27, told the Advertiser. “We had to wait for stronger contractions and the hospital advised us to return later.”

But it was too far to go back to their home in Manor Park, so they went to Canary Wharf instead to have a meal—that’s when the drama unfolded.

“Daphne suddenly felt an urge to push—the baby was coming,” Tim recalled.

“She said she couldn’t hold it. So security guards set up a rail with curtains in front of Waitrose while we waited for an ambulance.”

But the ambulance was stuck in traffic in Limehouse. So store manager Mike Buckingham and his staff rushed out with a duvet, pillows, towels and blankets—just in time for the birth. Three ambulances finally arrived 15 minutes later!

The baby’s surprise arrival was an early ‘Christmas miracle’ for the pastor who leads east London’s Agape Christian Fellowship congregation.

“It was God’s time for the baby to be born,” he reflected. “We gave thanks for the people involved in the birth of our son who were there for us at the right time. It showed the people of east London as a community.”

Canary Wharf Group and Waitrose gave the couple Christmas gift vouchers when they returned on Friday with seven-day-old Matthew and his older brother Ethen, aged two-and-a-half.