Cyclists swarm over Tower Bridge pumping cash into Stroke Association

Biking it over Tower Bridge for Stroke victims

Biking it over Tower Bridge for Stroke victims - Credit: Stoke Assoc

Cyclists swarmed in hundreds peddling over Tower Bridge raising funds to support victims of Stroke.

The bike ride was aimed at raising £200,000 for the Stroke Association’s work helping survivors and their families.

The ‘pedal power’ marathon earlier this month involved 1,500 cyclists, 200 volunteers and hundreds of supporters.

“The ‘Thames Bridges’ bike ride is one of our best-loved events,” the charity’s manager Julia Selby said. “They take to the streets every year cycling over London’s famous bridges on a zigzag route.”

Stroke is the most common cause of severe adult disability that can happen to anyone at any time, the charity points out. Some 13,500 Stroke incidents a year are recorded in London alone.