Dog attack boy had a lucky escape, surgeon says

A YOUNG boy mauled by a dog in a terrifying attack is lucky to have come through it, the East End surgeon who operated on him said.

Seven-year-old Jack Wellstead suffered multiple bites to his feet, legs and back of his head after getting trapped in a house with a ferocious pit bull terrier.

He was rushed to The Royal London hospital in Whitechapel after the attack on January 15 and after several operations the plucky schoolboy is ready to go home.

Hi surgeon, Mr Mohammed Shibu, said: “He’s been very lucky.

“The serious lacerations weren’t on his face, which can be very disfiguring, and did not go deep into his muscles and nerves.

“Animal attacks can be very serious if they involve the face and the neck. Victims can lose a significant amount of blood.”

Jack was playing with friends when he became trapped in the hallway of a house with the dog.

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Passer-by Lawal Alhadi heard his screams for help and after almost ten minutes of trying to knock the door down, he managed to pull the mutt off Jack.

Unconscious and soaked in blood, the traumatised lad was rushed to hospital.

Over the past few weeks, Jack has had tissue removed to prevent infection and also skin grafts, mostly to his feet and thighs, which were worse affected.

Mr Shibu – who also treated the Hackney twin babies who were mauled in their home by a fox last year – is thrilled with Jack’s progress.

He said: “Jack is a child who seems very confident and I think he’s coping very well.”

His mother Victoria Devlin paid tribute to the “wonderful staff” at The Royal London, who, she says, got her and her son through the ordeal.

She told the Advertiser: “When I first saw him in A&E I just collapsed. The first week and a half were really hard.

“He’s had a few nightmares and I don’t think he’ll be ready to go out in a while but generally he’s doing really well.”

Jack is to have counselling over coming weeks and is expected to make a full recovery.

Ms Devlin added: “I think it’s going to be a long road but I know how lucky he is to be here.”

The animal was destroyed and police are still investigating the attack.