First aid centre in Limehouse helped 1,700 pick up life saving skills

More than 1,700 people learnt how to be the difference between a life lost and a life saved in by taking a first aid training course in Limehouse last year.

The centre on Northey St has helped Limehouse’s residents and businesses learn crucial skills from St John Ambulance experts to learn life-saving skills.

St John Ambulance is urging more people to make a vow to learn first aid the New Year’s resolution they do keep.

Every year 150,000 lives are lost where experts believe first aid could have been the difference.

Steve Thorp, training manager for the charity’s Limehouse base, said: ‘The Northey St Road training centre is at the heart of Limehouse’s community, and is easily reached by the large range of businesses nearby.

‘2010 has been a great year for first aid training and we’re delighted that the people of Limehouse think it’s an important skill to have. The fact that so many people are being trained in life saving skills means that hopefully we can reduce the number of people - around 150,000 - who die each year when first aid could have saved them.

‘We are particularly delighted that more and more employers are helping their staff learn the skills that could be the difference between a life lost and a life saved.’

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For more details on training courses in London, contact St John Ambulance on 020 7258 7014 or book online at