GPs pledge openness in new NHS Tower Hamlets commissioning group

GPs' Commissioning group

GPs' Commissioning group - Credit: NHS

Doctors taking over responsibility for buying in NHS medical services in London’s East End from Monday have pledged to work with the community—and change the way things are run if needed.

The pledge came from GP Sam Everington on the eve of the new NHS Tower Hamlets Clinical Commissioning Group taking charge of planning, purchasing and monitoring hospital and community health services.

“We can only truly monitor services if we listen to and understand what people think,” assured Dr Everington, who is chairing the new GPs’ organisation.

“We are committed to obtaining feedback from the public, particularly whether NHS services are meeting their needs—and will use what they say to make changes.”

Doctors, nurses and other health professionals who make-up the NHS Tower Hamlets commissioning board now have responsibility for buying all healthcare services, including cancer care, mental health, hospital operations and prescriptions for the East End’s 250,000 population.

The Commissioning Group is committed to working openly, which includes patients joining participation panels at GP practices and by holding its board meetings in public.

The next board meeting is May 7. Feedback on services can be sent online to