Half-term swimming lessons at Mile End are splashed with success

Helping kids get confident in the water at Mile End

Helping kids get confident in the water at Mile End - Credit: GLL

Hundreds of children have learnt to swim at Mile End leisure centre in just four days — thanks to an intensive programme with schools during half term. 

Instructors have now helped 300 youngsters into the pool for the first time.

Instructor keeps watchful eye on pupil learning to swim 

Instructor keeps watchful eye on pupil learning to swim - Credit: GLL

“The lessons have been brilliant,” one mum said. “Two of my children were completely new to swimming.” 

The GLL social enterprise opened the doors at the Mile End Park centre to a four-day intensive course teaching swimming to achieve the National Curriculum 25-metre standard. 

General manager Billy Jones said: “It’s been brilliant. We’re already looking to see how we can run similar programmes in the next school holidays.”   

300 children learn to swim in four days at Mile End

300 children learn to swim in four days at Mile End - Credit: GLL

Five primary schools put forward pupils suited to the scheme, from Lawdale, Stewart Headlam, Hague, Columbia and Bigland Green. 

The course is part of a children’s safety campaign by Tower Hamlets Council. 

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Mayor John Biggs explained: “Swimming is the only sport that saves lives as well as keeping youngsters fit. Hundreds more children have now been taught an invaluable lifelong skill.”   

The response to GLL’s swimming lessons splashed passed what had been expected, with 800 visits to the pool over half term.