Healthy living enterprise launches on Aberfeldy Estate

Suke Driver, Café Create manager

Suke Driver, Café Create manager - Credit: Archant

A social enterprise aiming to encourage healthy living has bee launched on Poplar’s Aberfeldy Estate.

The scheme aims to promote healthy living among the estate’s residents through the launch of a new café and exhibition space.

Café Create will encourage healthy eating, and will also act as a social hub for the estate, which is run by housing association Poplar HARCA.

The association’s communities and neighbourhoods director Babu Bhattacherjee said: “It’s fantastic to see a different kind of coffee shop in Poplar, particularly one which will be working closely with the community.

“Café Create is set to be an exciting venture and will go far in bringing the community together and supporting Aberfeldy as a healthy living estate.”