Hospital death rate lower than expected in East End

A LOWER than expected number of deaths were recorded at the borough’s three hospitals last year, a national survey has shown.

Barts and The London trust fared well in most areas of patient mortality in the independently-run Dr Foster hospital study, published this week.

Overall, mortality rates for 2009-2010 were low, with the trust achieving a score of 89 – lower than the national average of 100.

Deaths after surgery, scored at 84, were also lower than usual.

Mortalities involving high risk conditions fared just under the national average, at 97.

The score for in-hospital stoke deaths, at 108, was the only area higher than expected and marked above the national average.

Three hospitals are run through the trust – Whitechapel’s The Royal London, Barts near St Paul’s, and Bethnal Green’s London Chest hospital.

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Dr Foster has published reports since 2001 and was the first organisation to compare death across all NHS trusts.

The organisation measures up health providers to allow patients to make informed decisions.