Javine joins Wallace and Gromit at Richard House kids’ hospice

Pop star Javine joined Wallace and Gromit to launch a national breakfast fundraiser with kids at east London’s Richard House children’s hospice.

The campaign is aimed at raising cash for sick children in hospitals and hospices all over the country by asking people to set up their own communal breakfasts with friends and colleagues for charity from Friday (April 20) to the following Friday.

It kicked off when Javine, 30, arrived at Richard House in Beckton last Wednesday.

“The work Richard House does supporting families is incredible,” she said. “The children I’ve met have such great personalities—it’s a real pleasure to be here. Every penny raised is going to such a great cause.”

More than 600,000 people have supported Wallace & Gromit’s Children’s Foundation since 2003, helping youngsters in 77 children’s hospitals and hospices across the country. The foundation is appealing for supporters to join them, by calling 0845-600 1924, or go online: www.wallaceandgromitsbigbreakfast.org