London Assembly probing Diabetes 75pc shock rise

Diabetes cases have risen by 75 per cent over the last decade, the London Assembly has found.

Now Assembly members have today launched an investigation to find out how much is to blame on rising obesity and what impact NHS reforms could have on patient care.

The Diabetes UK charity’s recent health roadshow in London’s East End had to refer 137 people to their GPs because of suspected Type 2 Diabetes. There are more than 13,000 registered diabetics in Tower Hamlets alone—but thousands more may not know they have the condition, the charity warns.

Now the London Assembly’s health committee is looking at factors such as ethnic group, age, level of deprivation and cost of living to see if there’s a link. Almost half-a-million diabetics are registered in London, according to latest NHS figures.

“We cannot ignore the diabetes time bomb,” said the Assembly’s health chairman, Dr Onkar Sahota.

“Type 2 diabetes can have serious implications such as kidney disease, heart disease and strokes.

“We want to look at what is behind this rise and what can be done to tackle it.”

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The Assembly’s public health committee is discussing the crisis next Tuesday and is now gathering views from patients and health experts.