London’s Air Ambulance hooks up with Norway

London’s Air Ambulance has joined forces with its equivalent in Norway to share expertise.

Both services are front-runners among medical helicopter teams around the world.

But while the Whitechapel-based LAA deals with only serious cases and a population of 10 million, the Norwegian team has experience of covering expansive areas, some of which are very isolated.

Norway’s air ambulance has set up a centre to build on training for medics and crew and will share its findings with the London team.

LAA, a charity which is part funded by the NHS, offers six-month placements to doctors from all over the world.

Dr David Lockey, LAA’s research and development chief, said: “Our colleagues in Norway have made great steps in moving research and training forwards and we expect this collaboration to be a springboard for the improvement of pre-hospital critical care.”

Last month LAA marked its 25,000th mission.