London’s Air Ambulance moves to new hospital helipad

London’s Air Ambulance embarked on another chapter of highs by moving to its state-of-the-art new base on top of the redeveloped Royal London hospital.

From today, the service - which has its base in Whitechapel but caters for all of London - will operate from the new helipad, which at 284ft is one of the highest in Europe.

Based on the 17th floor of the building, the helipad is serviced by a super-fast elevator specifically set aside for trauma patients.

It takes just two minutes for patients to be transported from the rooftop to the emergency department on the ground floor.

The Accident and Emergency department also moved into the new hospital today.

They became the second department to move, after X-rays.

Wards are being transferred one by one from the old building in Whitechapel Road to the new blue-tiled facility just behind it and all departments will have made the transfer by March.