Mum pampered by Royal London Hospital while newborn baby waits for surgery

Monika Schlehrova and myracle baby Zachary

Monika Schlehrova and myracle baby Zachary - Credit: Barts NHS trust

Monika Schlehrova has a Christmas wish that her miracle baby son Zachary—born without a heartbeat—gets through his latest life-saving operation.

'Pampered mums' at Royal London... Skeeter George gives manicure to Babintha Matheun

'Pampered mums' at Royal London... Skeeter George gives manicure to Babintha Matheun - Credit: Barts NHS trust

Little Zachary was due to have surgery at the Royal London Hospital this week after being rushed in with a hernia at 11 weeks old.

“I had an emergency caesarean at the Homerton Hospital after my uterus ruptured and lost two litres of blood,” Monika explained.

“Zachary was born without a heartbeat and had to be resuscitated for 10 minutes.

“It was awful, but he is a little fighter.”

Monika, 35, was one of a group of mums at the Royal London treated on Friday to a ‘pamper and spa’ day where beauticians, masseuses and hairdressers volunteered their time.

“It’s been months since I last had time to think about my hair and nails,” Monika admitted. “I normally make a real effort with lots of glamour.”

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But she also thanked staff at both the Royal London and the Homerton for saving her life and little Zachary.

The mums were also given manicures with shoulder and head massages.

The hospital’s Tara Shea said: “We see every day just how much the parents take on when caring for their child, with love and warm smiles to mask the worry they feel.

“We just wanted to give something back to them.”

The pampering day organised by the Rays of Sunshine charity came with fresh coffee, doughnuts, biscuits and cupcakes iced with a beauty theme of lipstick and hair-straighteners.