New cancer detection machine unveiled at a London hospital

A new cancer detection machine was unveiled at the Barts Hospital and the London John Vane Science Centre yesterday (March 3).

The Development of Pancreatic Cancer research (DPCR) helped raise more than �17,000 to buy the Seahorse Analyser Workstation Machine.

The machine will be able to give patients a chance at treatments and measure how aggressively the cells spread and what influences the cells to do this.

It means patients will be able to receive a mixture of drugs that can reduce the cancer cells more successfully than chemotherapy alone.

Dr Thorsten Hagemann, Consultant Oncologist at the John Vane Science Centre, said: “The machine enables the centre to undertake research into breakthrough treatments for pancreatic cancer and test new drugs for the first time.”

Chairperson Debbie Fresco said: “We predominately raise money through events such as a breakfast with Harry Redknapp, charity football matches and quiz nights.

“We are lucky to have the support of Harry Redknapp as the patron of our charity and the local community as without this the launch would not have been possible.”

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