New dementia unit at Mile End to replace NHS wards with empty beds

Medical services for dementia patients in London’s East End are being concentrated in a new, single ward.

It replaces three wards at different hospitals which NHS bosses say are costly because beds are remaining empty.

So the board of NHS East London & the City has given the go-ahead to develop a single dementia unit at Mile End, where all the specialist care is being concentrated, following public consultations begun in September.

It would save �500,000 a year which health bosses say could be ploughed into care for patients at home.

NHS East London’s Caroline Gilmartin said: “There are currently three dementia wards which are often only half full. Having empty beds and specialist staff on each ward costs of money.

“But there is less need for people to go to hospital because of developments in the way we now care for patients in the community.”

The new ward is expected to open in the next few weeks. Discussions are now going on with TfL to arrange transport for vulnerable adults and their carers.