Patients rate GP practices in the East End

Half of patients in the East End scored their GP practice at or above the average satisfaction level for London, a new website shows.

NHS London recently launched Myhealthlondon, which allows patients to directly compare surgeries in their borough and make comments on a public forum.

But GPs surgeries have warned that the information should not be given too much weight as it does not take into account challenges facing practices in poorer postcodes.

Maggie Falshaw, manager at Limehouse Practice, said the new site was helpful in some respects but should also come with a “health warning.”

She said: “It’s always useful for patients to get information about practices and it’s one way that patients can give feedback but there are some problems.

“The data isn’t given any socio-economic or demographic context. It’s difficult to compare a more affluent part of London with practices in Tower Hamlets.”

Vast improvements or declines at surgeries may not be logged quickly, she added.

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Dr Anna Livingstone, partner at the practice, said the site needed to be “more balanced”.

She explained: “One of the concerns GPs have is that statistics can be misrepresentative”.

In Tower Hamlets, the website shows that patient experiences vary widely.

The lowest scoring surgery, St Paul’s Way Medical Centre in Langdon Park was given 109 out of 200 for patient satisfaction while Tredegar Practice, just over a mile away in Bow, got 191 - the highest score in the borough.

The Royal College of General Practitioners, which helped develop the site, said it offers a clear picture of services.

All London surgeries are rated in areas like detecting heart disease, diabetes and asthma and how effectively they are completing children’s immunisations and flu jabs for the elderly.

The Advertiser has published a table of patient satisfaction at all Tower Hamlets surgeries on the website and also how often patients get to see the GP of their choice.