Pritchard’s Road Day centre to hold mental health open day

Pritchard’s Road Day Centre is set to hold an open day next week for World Mental Health Day.

The Bethnal Green venue will host a fashion show and information stalls, as well as music and displays, on October 12 between 10am and 3pm.

World Mental Health Day is celebrated around the world on October 10 and throughout the month to raise awareness about mental health issues.

For more information on support available in your area, visit the East London NHS Foundation Trust’s website at

The Trust’s top tips for mental wellbeing are:

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• Talk about it – it can help to share your feelings

• Keep active – regular exercise really helps if you are feeling depressed or anxious. It can give you more energy too

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• Relax – try and make time for yourself. Fit things into your day that help you to unwind like reading, listening to music or walking

• Keep in touch with friends – friends are important, especially at difficult times. You don’t have to be strong and struggle alone

• Accept who you are – our beliefs, background, culture, religion and experiences make us who we are. Everyone is entitled to respect including you

• Accept others – it’s easy to feel threatened or intimidated by people who are different. Everyone has something to offer

• Get involved – meeting new people and getting involved in things can make all the difference, for you and others. It can be very rewarding

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