Queen Mary study reveals extent of East London diabetes crisis

A Queen Mary University diabetes study has revealed the extent of the challenge facing those who will deliver the Olympic legacy in East London.

The study analysed a million people without diabetes aged between 27 and 79 registered with a GP across Tower Hamlets, Newham and City and Hackney.

Researchers found that overall, one in 10 people in the three boroughs has a high risk of developing type two diabetes within the next ten years.

The researchers used a scoring system known as the QDS to calculate national figures.

This information was then used to create a map showing risk level in different areas.

Dr Diana Smith, who created the map and lectures at the Queen Mary School of Medicine and Dentistry, said: “There is a geographical band of high risk across East London, which we’ve dubbed the ‘East London Diabetes Belt’, [running] near the Olympic Park.”

Dr Douglas Noble, who led the research, said: “This is a gold medal moment at the start of the Olympic legacy period to prioritise tackling chronic disease and capitalise on the enthusiasm for physical activity generated by the Olympics.”

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It is hoped the study could influence policy-making to ensure that those most in need are prioritised in receiving help.