Royal London Sister Alice becomes first Violence Reduction nurse

Sister Alice Kershberg

Sister Alice Kershberg - Credit: Barts Trust

A Sister in the Royal London Hospital’s emergency department has become one of the country’s first Violence Reduction nurses.

Alice Kershberg, 26, is using her nursing experience to help police and local authorities reduce violence in the community.

She is sharing information from victims of violent crimes with authorities to help identify common causes and risks of violence.

This could help reduce the number of people having to go to hospital because of violent crime.

“A quarter of violent crime victims in the emergency department are linked to alcohol,” Alice said.

“We are also more likely to see people with alcohol-related conditions on Friday and Saturday nights.

“Being aware of this and working with community services means we know we can reduce violent crimes.”

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Staff ask victims of assault routine questions which are later analysed to see if patterns emerge. Support can then be put in place, helping to prevent future violent crime.

Alice added: “We are often in a position to support those who may not feel safe to disclose information, like people in violent relationships or involved in criminal activity and looking for a way out.”

Up to 200 patients a month are treated at the hospital’s A&E department in Whitechapel as a result of East End gang violence or domestic abuse, according to Barts NHS trust.