St John Ambulance offering first aid courses this summer

Courses equipping people with life-saving skills are on offer for future have-a-go heroes this summer.

The St John Ambulance Service is inviting people along to get to grips with techniques to help them step in to life or death situations such as choking, heart attacks or severe bleeding.

Research published by the organisation found only 16 per cent of Londoners have basic first aid skills.

Carl Fazackerley, who runs the Tower Hamlets branch of the service, said: “These courses are part of our mission to ensure no-one dies unnecessarily because they needed first aid and didn’t get it.

“We want to give local people first aid skills so they can be the difference.”

The first of the two hour courses will be held on June 17 at St John on Bethnal Green Church, Cambridge Road. They will then be held once a month, and will cost £30 each.

To book a place call 0844 770 4810, or visit