Stroke victims fastest treatment in Royal London than anywhere in NHS

Patients suffering stroke are getting faster medical treatment at the Royal London Hospital than anywhere else in the NHS in Britain, official figures released today reveal.

The Hyper Acute Stroke unit at the new hospital complex in Whitechapel gives the fastest access to surgical procedure and gives the “best performing in referral-surgery” in the health service, according to an audit by the Royal College of Physicians.

Once referrals are received, some 94 per cent of all suitable stroke cases undergo the procedure within 14 days—compared to the NHS average of 49 per cent.

This latest audit by the Royal College analysed 5,543 cases throughout Britain and showed “a continued improvement” in the number of patients getting treatment within a target time in the NHS. The Royal London came out top.

Patients benefits best from Carotid surgery if it’s carried out quickly following the onset of stroke symptoms, the hospital points out.

Royal London consultant vascular surgeon Paul Flora explained: “Carotid surgery reduces the risk of potentially fatal or disabling strokes.

“The risk of these are very high immediately after having a mini-stroke.

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“Rapid referral from symptoms to surgery is important to prevent this.”

Carotid preventative surgery corrects narrowing in the internal artery in the neck, reducing the risk of some patients suffering a second stroke, as well as preventing others who display early symptoms, but has to be done quickly.