Study begins at Royal London Hospital into epileptic pregnant women

Trials to find out how best to control seizures when women with epilepsy become pregnant is aiming to recruit 1,000 expectant mums who are on medication.

The study involving the Royal London Hospital and 50 other obstetric units around the country has been set up by researchers at the University of London’s Queen Mary Whitechapel campus.

“We need 1,000 women for the trial as quickly as possible,” said Prof Shakila Thangaratinam at Queen Mary’s college.

“These women currently risk worsening seizures and the effect of the drugs on their babies. The study will provide answers on the safest method to manage their pregnancies.”

Any pregnant woman with epilepsy who is taking any of four anti-epileptic drugs—carbamazepine, lamotrigine, levetiracetam or phenytoin—can take part in this study, by contacting their own obstetrician or neurologist.