Telly cook hands out inventive new recipe book to patients

TELLY chef Lawrence Keogh met with patients suffering from kidney disease to hand out his inventive new recipe book.

The Saturday Kitchen cook - who had a kidney transplant ten years ago – has designed special dishes for those on dialysis whose diets are massively restricted as a result of the disease.

He spent a few hours chatting to patients at Whitechapel’s Royal London hospital today (Friday) to hand out his book and find out what other meals they would like included.

Mr Keogh decided to take action after experiencing first hand how difficult it can be to enjoy food while abiding by the strict diet dialysis requires.

He said: “I was on dialysis for two years and it was hard. I started just doing boiled rice and boiled chicken and it got very boring.

“People are now sharing tips for recipes - it’s brilliant. It’s about cheating with ingredients while still being able to enjoy your favourite dishes.”

Mark Jackson, 51, has been on dialysis for six years.

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He was on holiday in Greece when his kidneys failed and has been coming to The Royal London for six hour sessions three times a week since then.

Mr Jackson, of Commercial Road, said: “It’s brilliant Lawrence has design something for renal patients around the world, so they can have decent food.

“He’s made an effort to put ethnic flavoured dishes in there so people can share them with their families too.”

Dietition Vicki Marks, said: “People on dialysis generally need food that is high in protein and low in minerals like potassium and phosphate. These recipes are really good as a basis for ideas.”

Mr Keogh had a transplant at 35 but has worked hard to come up with as many recipes as he can in the past decade.

Salmon fishcakes, spare ribs, curries and carrot cake are just some of the dishes he has adapted.

Recipes can be found at