Tower Hamlets woman pays tribute to Scoliosis clinic

A woman from Tower Hamlets has spoken of her delight after an exercise programme helped her to avoid major surgery and tackle her excruiciating back pain.

Sally-Ann Keen, of Whitechapel Road, was diagnosed with Scoliosis, three years ago at the age of 23. The condition causes the spine to curve excessively to one side, and affects almost five per cent of the UK’s population.

As her pain became increasingly severe, Sally-Ann, now 26, was on the verge of agreeing to a risky 10-hour operation to insert metal rods either side of her spine, which she was told was her best option to preserve mobility.

This option, recommended by doctors, concerned Sally-Ann, particularly due to her love of sport and exercise and her fast-paced city lifestyle.

She therefore carried out her own research, and came across a programme which would be more suited to her needs. The treatment consisted of two two-week exercise programmes run by the Scoliosis SOS Clinic on Mansell Street in Tower Hamlets.

Once the treatment started, she noticed the improvements almost immediately. By the end of the second programme two weeks ago, Sally-Anne’s posture and spine structure had improved dramatically, and the pain she was experiencing had all but disappeared.

She has now spoken of her delight at the results, and her relief at avoiding the trauma and risks associated with surgery. She said: “The results I have achieved are incredible, my pain has gone and my back looks completely different.

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“I feel like my whole life is back on track again, I am no longer scared about people staring at my back and I am not constantly worried about having to go under the knife. I am looking forward to going back to the specialist to show him what I have achieved without major surgery!”