TV documentary starting tonight follows trauma doctors from London’s Air Ambulance

Trauma doctors from London's Air Ambulance featuring in new TV documentary

Trauma doctors from London's Air Ambulance featuring in new TV documentary - Credit: submitted

We have had TV documentaries following police officers as they chase criminals.

Doctor Anne Weaver

Doctor Anne Weaver - Credit: submitted

Now it is the turn of the elite trauma doctors working for London’s Air Ambulance, based in Whitechapel, to share in the limelight. Trauma Doctors starting at 9pm tonight on Channel 5 will follow medics from London’s only air ambulance as they attend critically injured patients and make on the spot decisions that can be crucial in saving someone’s life.

Dr Gareth Davies

Dr Gareth Davies - Credit: submitted

The trauma doctors from the London’s Air Ambulance charity and The Royal London Hospital will feature in four 60 minute programmes.

The first episode being aired tonight is entitled ‘Taking the hospital to the pavement’.

The battle for a patient’s life starts within minutes of the programme beginning as the team arrives at the scene of a car accident to find a motor cyclist whose foot is mangled.

The team have to check every part of his body and the wreckage for clues to other injuries so that they can make the correct diagnosis.

The doctors also race to stabilize a 19-year-old woman after she is hit by a van, and the team’s investigation reveals a potential spine injury with grave consequences.

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