Hidden Sepsis ‘silent killer’ claims 44,000 lives a year, MP Fitzpatrick warns

MP Jim Fitzpatrick backing Parliamentary launch of Sepsis awareness campaign [photo: Ayub Khan]

MP Jim Fitzpatrick backing Parliamentary launch of Sepsis awareness campaign [photo: Ayub Khan] - Credit: Fitzpatrick's office

MP Jim Fitzpatrick is backing a public awareness campaign about Sepsis, a life-threatening and relatively unknown deadly condition which claims 44,000 lives a year in Britain alone—including a-thousand children.

The Poplar & Limehouse MP was among 40 peers and members of the Commons attending a Parliamentary event, held by the UK Sepsis Trust, to meet patients and their families.

“I want to see sepsis viewed as a medical emergency,” he said.

“Sepsis may not hit the headlines—but is a deadly condition. Timely interventions proposed by the UK Sepsis Trust, if adopted across the NHS, could save up to 12,500 lives a year.”

The Sepsis Trust set up six years ago is calling for the Department of Health to commit to a public campaign aimed at adults, children and health service professionals themselves to be aware of “this silent killer”.

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The trust’s chief executive, Dr Ron Daniels, said: “Awareness of course is only a part of what is needed. We need to make sure healthcare education is robust, mandated and that we have resources that reward excellent care.”

Sepsis is a condition that can affect young and old, fit and healthy, which arises when the body’s response to an infection damages its own tissues and organs.

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It can lead to shock, multiple organ failure and death, especially if it is not recognised early and treated promptly.

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