High Street audit planned to make East End shopping centres safer

Town Hall bosses are looking at ways to make shopping centres in the East End safer and more attractive.

They have brought in consultants to look at run-down areas to see how they can be improved.

Tower Hamlets Council is putting £355,000 into a “High Street audit” being carried out by top marketing experts.

The audit is to explore how areas like Spitalfields, Bow and Mile End can be made “more attractive, vibrant and safe places to visit.”

High on the list is Brick Lane with its tarnished reputation of drugs and street crime to see where changes can be made.

But the study is also looking at the Roman Road, which has faced years of what councillors and residents claim has been neglect with its failure to attract large stores to the area, and the Burdett Road with its lack of big High Street outlets.

The aim is to make the areas meet the needs of the communities who rely on them and to support businesses by encouraging more people to shop or use services there.

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The Cocreate consultancy is to hold meetings and surveys with residents and businesses to see what each centre currently provides and what additional services are needed.