Hindus in Tower Hamlets are working towards permanent temple in Mile End

Hindus in Tower Hamlets are edging closer to having their own temple but they need to raise �100,000 before their dream becomes a reality.

The Hindu Pragati Sangha association in the borough have operated out of what was once a rundown garage in Mile End for over 25 years.

But they now want to turn their base in Rhondda Grove into a full temple, complete with traditional Indian architectural features and they will hold a fundraiser on April 9 to help reach their target.

Dilip Kumar Roy, 67, co-founded the group in 1977 and is now its general secretary.

He said: “The Hindu community in the East End don’t have many places of worship.

“It is something we can leave for the next generations. A place of worship secured for all and future generations to come.”

Locations including Toynbee Hall and the community hall in Club Row previously housed the association before they moved to Mile End in 1985.

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Mr Roy said: “We decorated it up to the right standard and due to its popularity, it became clear that we needed more room.”

After making the decision to build a two storey temple with a basement in 2008, the group have already raised �466,000, including a �200,000 loan from Charity Bank which finances community projects.

Their “Temple of Dreamz” night in Camden with rock band Anaam, who take inspiration from Indian classical music to Motley Crue and the Universal Taal Project, a multi-instrumentalist called Ranvir Verma, will raise further funds.

It will allow the group to continue their tradition of festivals, which attract people from all over Britain, with the construction due to be complete before the five-day Durga Puja in October.

The concert is at the Purple Turtle venue and tickets cost �12 in advance.

Visit templeofdreamz.com for more information.

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