Hit-and-run biker who killed Bow granddad dies in traffic accident

A MAN who knocked down and killed a grandfather in an East End street suffered a similar fate as he was killed in a car accident on Saturday.

Carl Samuel, 22, of Tenterden Road, Dagenham was serving five years at Hollesley Bay Prison in Suffolk for causing death by dangerous driving after hitting and killing Mohammed Yad Ali in a hit-and-run in Roman Road, Bow in August 2007.

It is still not clear why he was walking along the A14 near Kirton, but last night his older brother Jason, 29, said Carl had been with his girlfriend but had got out of the car.

Initial reports said he was in collision with a lorry but police are still investigating the circumstances of his death.

Warm tributes have been paid to Mr Samuel, who was on day release from Hollesley at the time of the accident, which happened at 5.40pm.

He was sentenced to five years in prison in September 2009 after being found guilty of offences connected with a road accident in 2007.

Mr Samuel was speeding on his Yamaha R1 motorbike in on the wrong side of the road when he ploughed into grandfather Mr Ali, 56. He did not stop at the scene.

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Jason Samuel said his brother, a hip-hop MC known as MC Haystee, was devastated by what had happened and full of remorse.

“After the accident, people tried to say he didn’t feel it, but he had to live with that every day and he really felt it,” he said.

“He wrote a letter to the man’s family to say how very sorry he was.

“My brother was very family-orientated and he loved the music scene and had lots of friends.

“I will always hold lots of good memories of him. He could be a pain, but when he was good he was really good.”

A police spokeswoman that investigations into the accident were still continuing.

They are especially appealing for anyone who saw Mr Samuel walking along the dual carriageway, or witnessed the accident to come forward.

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