Hit squad takes on Buddleia on Regent’s Canal to stop it creeping into buildings

Buddleia hit squad... volunteers clean-up Regent's Canal

Buddleia hit squad... volunteers clean-up Regent's Canal - Credit: Canal & River Trust

Volunteers have been busy getting rid overgrown plants from the Regent’s Canal near east London’s Victoria Park before nearby buildings are plagued by extending roots damaging brick work.

They cleared overgrown Butterfly Bush, or Buddleia, which was covering railings overlook the waterway at Bethnal Green’s Lark Row Community Gardens next to the canal in Vyner Street, off Cambridge Heath Road.

The volunteers were helped by boat crews from the Canal and River Trust which looks after Britain’s waterways network, in a joint venture with Tower Hamlets Council.

“It was a great day improving what would have become a bit of an eyesore,” Canal Trust volunteer team leader Rebecca Williams said. “The work volunteers do helps us improve the canals as we head into spring.”

Removing the Buddleia was needed, the Trust points out, because its roots can extend into masonry cracks and spaces in brickwork, causing “significant structural damage” if left to grow uncontrolled.

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