Holding up a mirror up to Poyser Street past

A woman who grew up in Bethnal Green is hoping to track down her childhood baby-sitter and her parents’ work-mates after being given two long-forgotten photographs.

Pam Mitchell, 60, lived in Poyser Street until she was six years old, which also housed the mirror factory where her mother worked.

She is keen to get in touch with any of her mother’s former work friends after being given two photos by Lesley Keeper, 63, a former neighbour of Pam’s uncle and aunt, John and Ada Mitchell.

In the photo of the factory’s workers about to head on a beano, Pam’s mother Jean (front row, third from left), her grandmother Rose Baker (front row, second from right) and her aunt Tilly Mathers (front row, third from right) are all pictured.

Pam said: “I can remember sitting on my father’s lap outside on the street and waving to all the train drivers as they drove past.”

Pam believes her mother worked cleaning or cutting mirrors at the factory until the whole family moved to Old Bethnal Green Road in 1956.

Her mother and father, George, then took jobs working as an orderly and a porter respectively in Bethnal Green Hospital. In a second photo found by Lesley, Pam is pictured being held by her babysitter who she thinks was called Pat.

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Pam believes she was two or three years old at the time of the photo and that both photos were taken between 1950 and 1955.

She now lives in Chingford.

Anyone with information can call Pam on 07752181465.

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