Housing staff help poor families through Tower Hamlets Foodbank

Housing staff in Tower Hamlets are helping families into the New Year with a food mountain of seasonal goodwill.

Staff are helping struggling families into the new year with a food mountain of goodwill.

Employees at Tower Hamlets Community Housing association have been donating items to the East End’s Food Bank for the past two weeks.

They dropped off tins of baked beans, soups, vegetables, stews, bags of rice, pasta, puddings, teabags, cereals and long-life milk at the foodbank’s warehouse in Bow today (Thurs).

Denise Bentley, from the Tower Hamlets Foodbank charity, was overjoyed.

“These donations will go a long way to helping people in difficult situations,” she said. “More than half the food parcels we give out go to families with young children.”

Nearly 129,000 people have received help from foodbanks in Britain in the past 12 months—double the previous year, according to the Trussell Trust which set up the first foodbank in 2004.