People will be heading to the polls in Bow next week to vote in a referendum impacting the future of the area.

The ballot is being held on the Roman Road Bow Neighbourhood Plan, which has been published on Tower Hamlets Council's website.

According to the document, its main aim is "to guide development within the
neighbourhood plan area (NPA) and provide guidance to anyone wishing to submit a planning application for development in the NPA".

The area is bounded by Victoria Park to the north, the A12 and Fish Island to the east, the A11 and Mile End to the south and Globe Town to the west.

The neighbourhood plan sets out a number of policies which Tower Hamlets Council would have to refer to when making planning decisions for applications located in the area if it is adopted.

Among these are proposals relating to walking and cycling routes, community-led housing, sports, play and youth facilities and Bow Wharf waterway.

The policies planned also include designating local green spaces as well as designating pubs as local heritage assets.

The plan, which would last until 2031, was produced by Roman Road Bow Neighbourhood Forum and has been through two rounds of public consultation.

The plan was also submitted to an independent examiner, who published a report containing her findings in May.

The examiner recommended the plan be put to a referendum and Tower Hamlets mayor Lutfur Rahman agreed to this recommendation at a cabinet meeting in August.

The referendum, which is being held on October 13 between 7am and 10pm, will ask voters the question: "Do you want Tower Hamlets Borough Council to use the neighbourhood plan for Roman Road Bow to help it decide planning applications in the neighbourhood area?"

The council said that "eligible and registered local government electors who live in the area as set out in the neighbourhood plan" are able to vote.

If the referendum is passed by voters, then the plan will be adopted at the next full council meeting.

The authority said the plan will be withdrawn and will have "no further weight in the planning process" if the referendum is not passed.

For more information, including to view the plan itself, visit