Housing association apologises after sewage leaks at Isle of Dogs tower blocks

Sewage water at Salvor Tower

Sewage water at Salvor Tower - Credit: Cllr Andrew Wood

Residents at tower blocks on the Isle of Dogs were hit by sewage leaks.

The incident at Thole Court began on Friday (November 26), according to ninth-floor resident Tasnim Khanom.

She claimed that the bin store and communal areas were "flooded" with human waste.

Housing association Notting Hill Genesis (NHG), which runs the blocks, confirmed the issue was caused by a blocked drain.

Salvor Tower was also affected and Tasnim accused NHG of not showing enough urgency to deal with the situation.

A flooded bin store at Salvor Tower

A flooded bin store at Salvor Tower - Credit: Cllr Andrew Wood

As of Monday morning (November 29), Tasnim said the floodwater had been drained but the smell and dirt had not been cleaned and lifts were not working.

She revealed she and her partner had to carry their two young children up the stairs as well as heavy bags.

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"I flagged that there are vulnerable residents. This should have been all cleaned over the weekend."

She said it had not been the only issue at Thole Court, which was completed in 2019.

Tasnim claimed residents lost water supply in the evenings a fortnight ago, alleging it took NHG three days to resolve the issue.

"Emergency situations are not being taken seriously and acted upon with quick response," she said.

Ward councillors Andrew Wood and Kyrsten Perry said they are arranging a residents meeting with NHG in a bid to raise concerns.

Water at Thole Court

Water at Thole Court - Credit: Cllr Andrew Wood

Cllr Wood's message to NHG was "their communications and service is not good enough", while Cllr Perry added: "Clearly residents need a better service."

An NHG spokesperson said: “We are sorry for the problems faced by residents while we fully uncovered the cause of the leaks and carried out the clean-up of both buildings."

They said it was first alerted to the flooding at 9.30am on Saturday (November 27) and sent contractors on site at 2pm to unblock the drain and clear the damage.

Electricians also attended to see if the lifts could be put back into operation, they added.

Lifts at Salvor Tower are now working, according to NHG, as well as one of two at Thole Court. All carpets from the first floor up will be deep-cleaned by the end of Wednesday.

The spokesperson said: “Two contractors have since confirmed that the blockage was cleared by the initial work on Saturday.

"Our property management and housing teams were at Thole Court and Salvor Tower all day on Monday to monitor the clean-up and talk to residents."