Hundreds of people march through Mile End Park and Bow against Olympic missile plans

Around 250 people took part in a protest at the weekend against missiles being placed on top of a residential block in Bow during the London Olympics.

The protesters set off from Mile End Park on Saturday and marched through Roman Road in Bow before reaching Bow Quarter in Fairfield Road, the former Bryant and May matchstick factory, where the missiles could be placed during this summer’s Games.

Chris Nineham, of the Stop the Olympic Missiles campaign, said: “The protest was very successful and confirmed to us that local people don’t want missiles on a housing estate despite Secretary of State for Defence Phillip Hammond telling parliament only a small number of people oppose the plans.

“Most people we talked to thought it was a crazy idea. We think it’s very dangerous, it does not add to security and could lead to a major disaster.”

The Ministry of Defence announced plans earlier this year to base surface-to-air missiles on top of the water tower at Bow Quarters. A statement on whether the plans will go ahead is expected within the next few weeks.

The site would form part of an Olympic ring of missile around London designed to defend the Olympic Park in Stratford from a September 11 style terrorist attack.