Hundreds seek help from Tower Hamlets council’s domestic violence unit

A service aimed at tacking domestic violence in London’s East End has had 450 people turning up seeking help in its first two years, figures reveal this week.

The one-stop shop at Whitechapel’s Jagonari centre was set up by Tower Hamlets council at the end of 2011 over concerns about growing domestic violence.

It brings together in one location professionals from the Town Hall’s domestic violence and anti-hate crime team and the Homeless Person’s unit with a solicitor, an independent Domestic Violence advocate and non-uniform police officers.

The service offers advice on criminal procedures, law and housing, giving emotional and practical support to victims without them having to go to a police station which some find to be a deterrent. Some 320 cases have been referred to council Social Services, including children at risk.

The One Stop Shop in the Jagonari centre at 183-85 Whitechapel Road is open every Monday, 9.30am-12.30pm.