I took day off for workmen—who didn’t turn up!

Dear Ed, I made an appointment for the next day at 9am and took my day off work, but no-ne turned up. By 12.20pm they told me no-one was coming today!

Dear Ed,

CONTRACTORS are carrying out refurbishment our Exmouth Estate in Stepney. They came to my flat on April 13 to say they needed access to carry out cabling for TV and door entry system. I asked if it was possible at the weekend as I work weekdays, but was told they don’t work then.

So I made an appointment for the next day at 9am and took my day off work. I waited and around 9.20am called their office to say no-one had turned up yet. They said someone should be here within 10 to 15 minutes. I called again an hour later and was assured they were on the way.

Fair enough, but no-one turned up. I called again over an hour later and spoke to the site manager who confirmed they were on the way and should be here in any minute.

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Finally around 12.20pm I called again and lost my patience. They told me no-one was coming today!

F Shahariar

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Exmouth Market, Stepney

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