Investigation after video of man’s arrest posted online

A still from the video

A still from the video - Credit: Archant

An investigation has been launched after footage appeared online of a man being physically restrained and arrested outside his workplace.

The incident took place at around 8pm on Saturday

The incident took place at around 8pm on Saturday - Credit: Archant

Zakaria Hussain, 26, a project manager at the Arbour Youth Centre, was arrested on suspicion of assault on a police officer on Saturday evening.

A friend of Zakaria’s filmed the arrest which has subsequently been viewed thousands of times on the Arbour Youth Centre’s Instagram page.

Mayor of Tower Hamlets, John Biggs, urged for a calm response from the community as police look into the matter.

“I am very alarmed by this video and the description of what happened and I have demanded an urgent meeting and explanation from the Borough Commander,” he said.

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“We clearly need an investigation of this incident. I understand many in our community will be understandably angry at what they have seen but I would urge a calm response.

“Our community needs to have faith and confidence in the police who serve us.

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“Incidents like this threaten to destroy that trust and undo years of work to build closer relations between the police and our community.”

A police spokesman said: “On Saturday, 8 October Neighbourhood Officers from Tower Hamlets were out on routine patrol in Shandy Street, E1, and spoke to some young men due to concerns about anti-social behaviour in this area.

“At 20.10 the officers called for additional assistance. One man was arrested on suspicion of assault on police and a section 5 Public Order Act Offence. He has since been bailed.

“Senior officers at Tower Hamlets are aware of the footage of the arrest being circulated on social media and of community concerns regarding this.

“As soon as they became aware the man in the footage was contacted to see if he wished to make a formal complaint.

“However, the footage has been passed to the Directorate of Professional Standards to review.

“A review is necessary as the footage captures only a snap shot of officers restraining a man who is non compliant in a difficult policing situation.”

Zakaria said he put in a formal complaint to the police earlier today saying the ordeal has left him worrying about his standing as a youth worker.

“I shouldn’t be going through this I’m a youth worker. I don’t want people to think this chap shouldn’t work with my kids,” he said.

“I’ve grown up in Tower Hamlets and it’s such a diverse community but there’s a lot of mistrust with the police in the community - they need to start engaging with people properly.”

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