Island Homes must go back to resident-led estate management

Dear Ed, TOWER Hamlets Council shares the concerns about One Housing Group’s refusal to abide by the promises made before the four estates on the Isle of Dogs were transferred. Council officers and One Housing met the Tenant Services Authority which agrees One Housing has to fulfil the promises about resident-led governance

Dear Ed,

I CAN assure people that Tower Hamlets Council shares the concerns about Island Homes’ refusal to abide by the promises made before the Barkantine, Kingsbridge, St John’s and Samuda housing estates on the Isle of Dogs were transferred in 2005 (Housing Rebels Help Call, East London Advertiser, February 19).

We have been especially concerned about the breakdown in the resident-led governance arrangements on these estates agreed by One Housing Group (Island Homes). Neither do we accept that fundamental changes to housing management services can be driven through by an interim board containing only two residents.

Council Leader Lutfur Rahman and I, following the failure to provide the council with a road map’ back to a resident-majority board within a reasonable timescale, decided to raise our concerns with Housing Minister Margaret Beckett. We made it clear we feel it was in breach of the promises made in its Offer Document and asked for her intervention to rectify matters.

Council officers and representatives of One Housing then met the Chief Executive of the new Tenant Services Authority, Peter Marsh, in December.

Mr Marsh agreed that One Housing would have to fulfil the promises made about Island Homes’ resident-majority governance. He told me last week that One Housing has been given until the end of February to respond.

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I hope One Housing agrees to a road map’ by then, but can assure residents on the four estates on the Isle of Dogs that I will press both the Tenant Services Authority and Government ministers to impose sanctions on the organisation if it does not.

Cllr Marc Francis (Lab)

Lead Member, Housing & Development

Tower Hamlets Council

Town Hall, Blackwall


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