Isle of Dogs couple, circumnavigating Britain in Kayaks, have reached Brighton

A couple who sat off on a four month circumnavigation of Britain in kayaks from Shadwell Basin have reached Brighton.

On the first day of this month husband and wife Natalie Maderova and Michal Madera swapped their flat on Manchester Road, Isle of Dogs, for sleeping near the coastline during their 2,200 mile journey.

Updating the Advertiser from her iphone this week Natalie said: “We’ve accomplished our first part of the journey to Brighton.

“We had some fun around Dover and when passing the south east corner of Britain, the Dungeness point.

“So far the conditions were fine, only occasionally we had rougher sea and waves, but most of the time the sea was slight and the wind friendly.

“Today (Monday, April 10) there is high wind so we are taking a rest here in Brighton. Our next stretch is to Cornwall.”

The trip is raising money for Shadwell Basin Outdoor Activity Centre and two-yer old Joshua Haroon from Bow born with brain damage.

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