It’s Boris who’s playing politics’ with women’s safety!

Dear Ed, DEPUTY Mayor Kit Malthouse insinuated I was playing politics’ over women’s safety. It is Boris Johnson who is “playing politics,” promising something to win votes and then not delivering this promise now he is in power

Dear Ed,

THE Deputy Mayor of London for Policing, Kit Malthouse, insinuated I was playing politics’ over women’s safety (Advertiser Website Letters, June 13), responding to my letter the previous week.

Let me stress that I would never treat such a serious issue without the utmost sensitivity.

When I wrote to the Advertiser two weeks ago, it was to express my anger that the Mayor had reduced by a third the amount he had promised to fund rape crisis centres before he was elected.

As is evident from the event which took place when the Boris Keep Your Promise’ cabaret was staged at Bethnal Green, which prompted me to write to the Advertiser, there are hundreds of women who feel let down by the Mayor. They remember the promise he made to invest �2.2 million in rape crisis funding in his election manifesto.

So when the Mayor and Kit Malthouse spouted a new figure of �1.4 million, it is only natural that I and many others felt angered by the backtracking.

It is Boris Johnson who is guilty of “playing politics,” promising something that would win him votes in last year’s mayoral election and then not delivering on this promise now that he is in power.

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